About Us

We are farmers, residents, and lovers of Giglio Island. Together we would like to see the Mouflons protected and saved.

We are Farmers on the Island

& We Would like to Save the Mouflons

Cesare Scarfo' e la sua moglie Amy Bond

A Balance between Agriculture and Nature

We are a simple couple of farmers who work the land year-round here on the Island of Giglio. The mouflons have very rarely come to visit our crops in the less accessible areas of the island, but they have never caused serious damage. However, we will make camouflaged fences (which are also necessary to keep the rabbits out) so that we can live peacefully and quietly with these beautiful creatures. The Park Authority cannot justify its idea of eradicating the Mouflon from the island by referring to damage to crops and holm oak groves. Such damages are really insignificant and anyway easily preventable.

The Mouflon is part of the nature of Giglio and is an incredibly beautiful creature that arouses admiration and respect. It must be defended and protected in every way.

Local Farmers in Support of Maintaining the Mouflon on Giglio Island

As small farmers owning vineyards, orchards, arable land and vegetable gardens on the territory of Giglio, even in the south-western area of the island, frequented by mouflons, we would like to point out that mouflons do not represent a danger for local agriculture; as to avoid the possibility of any grazing, it is sufficient to install a fence. We would also like to point out that seeing a mouflon, here on Giglio, is a very rare event, so much so that many residents have never seen one or have seen one very few times in their lives. It approaches very rarely where man is present.There are those of us who would like to restore the Franco Reserve by the owners, those who would like an even larger reserve, a sort of small municipal park, those who would like them free on the territory, but we all agree on two points:

We don’t want a single mouflon to be killed;

We don't want the mouflons to be taken away from Giglio.

  • Novalba Danei
  • Biagio Stagno (di Bugia)
  • Luciano Stagno
  • Sara Stagno
  • Andrea Arienti (di Togo)
  • Giovanni Battista Pini
  • Maurizio Vittozzi
  • Giacomo Biondi
  • Rita Ghelardini
  • Mario Bancalà
  • Alice Dal Gobbo
  • Emilio Bancalà
  • Emanuela Bancalà
  • Teresa Bancala’
  • Federigo Pardini (Ghigo)
  • Barbara Arienti
  • Silvestri Franca
  • Ottaviani Barbara
  • Mariuz Maria
  • Rene’ Gioia
  • Brizzi Domenico
  • Baffigi Giuseppe
  • Ilaria Becchino
  • Andrea Biscaro
  • Andrea Rum
  • Annamaria Barosi
  • Francesca Mattera
  • Stefano Rum
  • Severin Bancala’
  • Modesti Daniele
  • Michele Guastafierro
  • Save Giglio - A Hope for Our Future

    In opposition to the project created by the Tuscan Archipelago National Park Authority, supported by the current Municipal Administration, entitled "Lets Go Giglio", we have created "Save Giglio", in attempt to stop the project of the Park Authority that is already causing damage to our beautiful island.

    Save Giglio
    Our logo represents a glimpse of Giglio in which an adult mouflon stands in its grandeur on top of a promontory. It represents the past of Giglio, its history and its beauty. Next to it there is a young mouflon, which represents the uncertain future, with its fragility and defenselessness given the threat posed by the project of the Park Authority. In the background you can see the Faraglione, symbol of the promontory where the mouflons were brought in the 50s to create a wildlife reserve and save this species from extinction. The bronze statue of a mouflon still can be seen today atop the hill overlooking Campese bay.

    "Save Giglio" is an initiative that aims to help these beautiful creatures. We have little time to save this beautiful part of the nature of Giglio.